Meet the volunteer team of your local hosts & organisers (here in alphabetical order):

Darja Taisa Cerkvenik
Darja Taisa Cerkvenik NVC festival
Darja Taisa first met NVC in Bangkok in 2010. Since then NVC is integrated in everything she does. She works as a therapist, coach and trainer.
What inspires her is the space that opens when we are fully present and when we connect in an authentic way.
 She loves discovering people, nature, beauty and herself. Beauty comes to her through circle dances, poetry, music, blue sky in the morning, warm sea, sparkles in children’s eyes, playfulness in adults … She believes that life is meant to be a wonderful experience and she is dedicated to contribute to make this happen.

Dmitriy KopinaDmitriy Slika NVC
Dmitriy is being human at first and finding precious gift of Life in him and any other living being, thru connection and empathy, is the main aim of Life in him. Deeply connected with mother Nature he is in his quest toward exploration, joy, grow, care, love and admiring the beauty of needs and feelings Life brings to us.          
His mission and purpose involve activities that are supporting individuals finding their authenticity, fullness of life and awareness; c
onnecting people together, building “power with” communities based on equality of all needs and using forms of communication and full embodiment to support connecting individuals and groups into their essence, conciseness and spirituality.
Working as trainer, expert, advisor, manager, father and a teacher for over 27 years, he is keen in exploring and sharing life with others. 


Ingrid GabrščekIMG_0027
The passionate researcher of our depths and life, Ingrid has first »met« the nonviolent communication in 2011. What was just a fling the first time, became a true love over the time.
She has integrated nonviolent communication into her practice as a consultant and coach in both personal and organizational development during the years and is now on her journey to become a certified trainer.
She likes black tea, tennis and long walks by the sea.


Jana Burger

Jana_NVC_1Devoted to search for humanity and genuine, warm relationships with no particular meaning.  After studies she has been proceeding with intercultural education and theater pedagogics in Berlin and since lives between “two homes”. Her work as facilitator and “exchanger” focuses on participatory art methods, thematically focused on feminism and intercultural dialog. She is devoted to work with Theatre of the Oppressed techniques. The deepest passion and freedom she finds in dance (preferably she would jump back to the 30s somewhere in NY dance halls). She has been practicing NVC for three years and is taking part in the certification process. NVC (Slovenian) community brings her back to “the roots”.


Jaka KovacJest
Jaka Kovac was inspired by the spirit of NVC six years ago and since then he is practicing and exploring it with a help of his colleagues in Slovene NVC community. He uses it also in his trainer and facilitation work – with colleagues they are bringing NVC spirit into various fields –  working with teachers, sport coaches, youth workers, refugees, volunteers, etc. He loves being in nature, enjoys movement, good books, bizarre movies and gourmet food.


Javor Skerlj Vogelnikfotka Javor
Javor is very passionate about artistic expression through movement, wood crafting, poetry and music. His inspirations for art, projects and workshops mostly derive from a unique connection with nature and its Fairy wonders. In his workshop offerings, Javor enjoys combining NVC with movement based practices, which welcome movement with whatever is alive within self in the present moment.



marjeta NovakMarjeta Novak

What I am deeply interested in is creating spaces in which people re-connect with themselves and then with their tribes/communities, to bring their gifts to the world.
In doing so, I use a blend of approaches: from NVC (I’m a certified trainer), to wilderness quests / rites of passage, to hosting strength-based group processes that align people around shared visions. Within the realm of NVC, I am particularly drawn to exploring embodied self-empathy as a doorway to connection to oneself, to the Other, and to the Whole.


Matej Gabrijelčič Matej Gabrijelčič
Since I met NVC in 2015 I understand myself and others in a new, deeper way. It brings more joy and peace into my relationships.
I work as a physicist and coach, I enjoy inventing methafors and out of the box thinking. I am an amateur actor in the theatre, I love running, martial arts, swimming, nature, drawing and good food. 




Mireille van BremenMireille_02_2015
I’m a Dutch national, live in Slovenia since 2006 and love travelling. As an Empathic Coach, Trainer and Social Artist, I internationally support social entrepreneurs in the field of training, education, facilitation and coaching. I help them optimize their environment and move forward in their projects, programs and business by employing my knowledge and years of experience in the field of Nonviolent and Visual Communication. Since I participated in the BayNVC Leadership Program 2016, I started to join my NVC leadership skills with my visualization skills to optimize learning and integration processes.


Svetlana Šaljićsvetlana_2017_web_small

I manage software development and operations in a company that provides solutions for paperless business. I am driven by curiosity about the Universe, looking for wholeness and understanding. I love to mix experience and knowledge from different areas, seriously or playfully, and I love bringing insights back to the business arena, empowering my-self and others to follow the nonviolent ways of conducting business practice, as those ways are gloriously beautiful, meaningful and so productive. And my hobby passion is inviting others to experience the beauty of their inner world. I hope you will give me a chance.

Vesna Klemenčič