2017 NVC Summer Festival takes place on the Pohorje Plateau above the city of Maribor (north-east Slovenia); in the Bellevue Hotel**** nested in nature (at about 1,000 m above sea level).

MariborHotel address:
Hotel Bellevue ****, N
a Slemenu 35, SI-2208 Pohorje

(do NOT put the address into your GPS/satnav – rather type in the coordinates; more info below, under guidelines for driving!)

Website: http://www.hotelbellevue.si/en/
T: +386 2 607 51 00
E: bellevue@termemb.si

The venue is easily accessible both by public and private means of transport. 
GPS coordinates: 46.51572 – 15.57899.

Here is a self-organised travel-sharing platform, where you can either offer or request a car ride to the festival.

dsc_8892_pohorska_vzpenjaca_bigIf you come by public transport, then your journey will consist of two legs:

(1) Arriving to Maribor (Slovenia’s second largest city)
(2) From Maribor to the Pohorje Plateau (city bus No 6 + cable-way)
The hotel is situated within the walking distance from the upper cable-way station.

(1) Arriving to Maribor

The city of Maribor has good transport connections with Graz (Austria), Zagreb (Croatia), Ljubljana (capital of Slovenia) and Klagenfurt (Austria).

The distances from the nearby cities:

  • Maribor-Ljubljana (129 km)
  • Maribor-Zagreb (126 km)
  • Maribor-Graz (72 km)
  • Maribor-Vienna (258 km)
  • Maribor-Budapest (341 km)

By bus

Ljubljana Bus Station (2,5 hours from Ljubljana to Maribor) http://www.ap-ljubljana.si/en/
Maribor Central Bus station http://www.marprom.si/en/

From Maribor Central Station, take the city bus no 6 to the Pohorje cable-car.

By Go Opti (low-cost shuttle company)


By car
In terms of travel distance, travelling by car is recommended from Graz (1hour) and from Ljubljana, Zagreb and Klagenfurt (1 hour 30 min). Travelling from Vienna and Trieste will take 2 hours and 30 min. For more information on driving in Slovenia, visit the Automobile Association of Slovenia (AMZS) web site. For information about road condition visit the Traffic centre for Slovenian public roads.

All motor vehicles driving in Slovenia need to feature an adequate vinjeta’ roadtoll sticker. More information about driving in Slovenia: DARS.
There is free parking available at the venue.

Please note: there are several “Pohorje”s in Slovenia. Make sure you get to the right one!
The easiest way to get to the venue is to drive directly through the little town named Hoce (through Spodnje Hoce and Zgornje Hoce, i. e. Lower Hoce and Upper Hoce); and then just continue up the hill for about 10 km; then turn right (the hotel is signposted – arrow to the right); and just keep following the signposts for the hotel for about 4 km. That’s it 

If you are planning to come with a car and you would like to offer a place in your car of if you want to join someone we prepared a table to express your interest in: Car sharing table

Road distances:

  • Maribor-Ljubljana (129 km)
  • Maribor-Zagreb (126 km)
  • Maribor-Graz (72 km)
  • Maribor-Vienna (258 km)
  • Maribor-Budapest (341 km)
  • From the direction of Ljubljana A1/E57
  • From the direction of Graz A9/E57/E59
  • From the direction of Zagreb cesta E59
  • From the direction of Budapest E59/E65/E71/M7
  • From the direction of Trieste E57/E70
  • From the direction of Klagenfurt B80/B70
  • From the direction of Villach B80/B70/E66/B83

By train
The train connections are relatively good with Ljubljana (2,5 hours), Graz (1 hour), Vienna (4 hours) and Zagreb (3 hours).




By plane
Closest airports include Graz (85km), Zagreb (120km) and Ljubljana (135km).

Ljubljana Airport http://www.lju-airport.si/en/Main
Graz Airport http://www.flughafen-graz.at/
Vienna Airport http://www.viennaairport.com
Zagreb Airport http://www.zagreb-airport.hr/home

(2) From Maribor to the Bellevue Hotel:

From Maribor Central Bus station, take city bus no 6 that brings you directly to the lower Pohorje cable-car station. From there, take the cable-way up to its higher station (situated within walking distance to the Bellevue Hotel).