In order to support harmony in the seven days of living together, we invite you to co-hold the following guidelines for the festival:

object_1463NVC intentions
We ask that you come with the intention to listen, think and act within the consciousness of NVC and the compassion in your heart; and co-create an experience in which everybody’s needs matter.

Open Space format
The festival will be co-led, co-hosted and co-facilitated by the community that gathers there. There is no pre-planned programme (apart from the basic day structure); there will be structured time in the morning to announce offerings (workshops and other activities) by the participants themselves – primarily for that same day. All the offerings that will be emerging through/for the week, will be visualised on a large board so that you will always know what’s on offer (and what’s perhaps missing, and you may be the one to contribute!).

123For potential workshop presenters: basic workshop materials (paper, pens) will be available on site. If you need anything extra/specific, please bring it with you (or make sure in some other way that you are well-provided ).

The working language of the festival will be English. This means that the majority of sessions (and large-group Community meetings in particular) will be held in English. Participants can of course offer and request sessions/support in other languages; and there may be community members who might enjoy contributing to this. No translation/interpreting is however guaranteed in advance.

Adults –  please read even if you are not coming with children.
This is a multi-generational festival that we co-create together.  If you need help with children/dependents, ask for support and offer what you can – speak up in the morning circle if needed.
If you don’t have dependents with you and/or you are already well-resourced, please come with an openness to supporting others in need – when packing, maybe bring ideas or materials for an activity you think children may enjoy?

hotel-bellevue-pohorje-pohorje-41489_clienthomeCommunity tasks (cleaning, tidying etc)
In order to run a smooth, enjoyable and healthy gathering, small teams will be created each day to help with the everyday tasks of living together. This may include jobs such as keeping communal areas tidy etc. We hope to model how working together in this way can be fun and enjoyable.

Non-smoking rooms at the hotel
All the rooms in the hotel are non-smoking.

Vegetarian food
The meals served at the hotel will be vegetarian; with vegan options available (meals will be served buffet style). For other dietary requirements, please consult the organisers / hotel.

Mobile phones / Wifi
We hope the festival will be exciting enough so that the use of electronic devices will be less interesting than live encounters :-). There will be free wifi  available at the hotel.

Special needs
If you have special needs, please discuss these with us before booking.

Safety / responsibility
You are kindly advised to settle your own health / travel insurance before travelling to the festival. We understand that you come in the agreement that you take full responsibility for yourself and any minors that are in your charge.

Cancellation of the festival
In the unlikely event that the organisers deem it necessary and unavoidable, we reserve the right to cancel the festival and return your money at any point.